ICoSCIS Intrudaction

Simulations in science are nowadays considered an integral part of research methodology. Natural Sciences have long used them to replace costly experiments and repetitive problems. Today, even fields such as Economics and Social Sciences rely on computers to study problems with huge datasets. Foreseeing the increase of computing needs, EU has implemented actions resulting in the creation of the European Grid Initiative (EGI). Unfortunately, several less developed regions like Southern Bulgaria were left out of the effort to both build a Grid Computing cluster and receive the know-how on its use. To correct this mishap we will build a network of four partners, the Department of Physics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh), the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the South-West University (SWU), the Department of Economics of the University of Macedonia (UoM) and the Department of Computer Science of the American University of Blagoevgrad (AUBG). Our primary goal will be to introduce a core group of Bulgarian scientists to advanced computational methods. Our project will also focus on the transfer of knowledge on complex science methods (AUTh) and their application in other sciences, such as Economics (UoM). Experience and know-how on scientific computing and parallel algorithms will be passed on through a series of educational, scientific exchange, activities. To adapt such techniques on problems relative to the interests of SWU and AUBG we will form a joint bilateral supervising committee (JBSC). Additionally, to achieve our goal, we will create two Grid computing clusters based on AUTh and SWU, tailored to each partners needs. We will take steps towards the integration of this facility in EGI. JBSC, will form teams of SWU and AUBG scientists that represent in the best possible way both their departments and research interests. We will emphasize on the ability of trainees to act as student educators themselves.

Objectives, outputs and results

Cover the specific demand for large scale computing in S. Bulgaria
Implement a basic computing cluster infrastructure in both sides
The SWU cluster focus on CPU power and adequate memory
Knowledge to be transferred between the partners
Select team SWU and AUBG familiarize with HPC and Grid
Trainning network – series of courses on Complex Science
Expected Outputs
Introductory seminar to publicize within SWU and AUBG
Side event during an International School in Complex Science
Hands-on e-courses
Upgrade the knowledge of technical and teaching staff
Networking session (High-tech IT companies, financial organizations and consultancy groups)
Implementation of the two Grid clusters
Expected Results
Enhance the furture scientific output in the region by a large degree
Inter-institutional callaborations
Interdisciplinary between departments
Equal opportunities (not discriminate on sex, physical health, or ethnicity)
Fair competition for all ( public announcements for the procurements of the two computing clusters)
Produce results with greater impact – build the foundations for a long standing regional development


The project ICoSCIS consists of five(5) workpackages


Actions Actions title Partner in charge
WP1 Management & Coordination
Action 1.1 Project kick off meeting AUTH
Action 1.2 Project Coordination meetings AUTH/UoM
Action 1.3 Project Management AUTH/UoM
WP2 Information & Publicity
Action 2.1 Pablicity Seminar SWU
Action 2.2 Information leaflets and posters AUBG/SWU
Action 2.3 Website creation and maintenance AUBG/AUTH
Action 2.4 Research-enterperneurship interaction workshop UoM
WP3 The infrastructure
Action 3.1 Focused needs study and hardware procurement AUTH
Action 3.2 SWU facility preparation SWU/AUTH
Action 3.3 Installation and testing of software AUTH/AUBG
Action 3.4 Grid administration AUTH
Action 3.5 Grid computing user support AUBG
WP4 Educational activities I (Complex Science)
Action 4.1 Courses Preparatory activities AUTH
Action 4.2 Courses on Complex Science for staff UoM
Action 4.3 Courses on Complex Science for students SWU
Action 4.4 Website related educational activities UoM
WP5 Educational activities II (programming & Grid computing)
Action 5.1 Courses Preparatory activities AUBG/AUTH
Action 5.2 Programming courses AUBG
Action 5.3 Mid level programming courses AUBG
Action 5.4 Scientific Computing courses AUTH