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DVU 01/197


Bioinformatical studies on the structure and activity of proteins and drug – receptor interactions

Basic Organization

South-West University - Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria


National Science Fund -Ministry of Education and Science


260 000 EURO

Project Managers

Prof. Peter Milanov, PhD

Prof. Ivan Mirchev, PhD

The present project is from the field of information and biological technologies and refers to mathematical and bio-informatics investigation of models of certain bioprocesses and protein structures and drug design. The interest in recent years to modeling of bioprocesses is motivated by the necessity of improving humans’ life quality and health and the effectiveness of the biotechnological industry . Bioinformatics is an emerging field of science that combines biology, mathematical modeling statistics and computer sciences to solve biological problems. It has applications in drug discovery, protein analysis and particularly in biotechnology. In the past one decade new technologies have been enabled scientists to produce large databases genomic data ,protein sequences and drug-receptor interaction experimental results. The need for using mathematical algorithms and information management tools arises from an explosion of data in various field of biology. New methods are therefore required for data capture, data mining and data identification. The present project unites the efforts of specialists in mathematics, informatics, chemistry, bio-chemistry and biology in modeling of bio-processes related to protein bio-synthesis. The subfields in a common project is natural minding that such interdisciplinary play an important role and it will be useful in investigation of the structure and activity of proteins and drug-receptor interactions. The obtained models allow the identification of some structural determinants of biological activity of the considered compounds.

3 Design, synthesis and biological activity of substances constituting a particular interest  
  Bioinformaticali studies on the structure and activity of proteins  
  Modeling of drug-receptor interactions  
  Develop and implement bioinformatics software for the project  
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